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These words sum up the efforts of the Torrent group, which integrates people, processes and potential towards the betterment of mankind.

It all began with the toil of one enterprising individual, Shri. U N Mehta, when he ventured on his own to create history in the Indian pharmaceutical industry by implementing successfully the concept of niche marketing. His journey, characterised by ups and downs, reached a milestone in 1970, with the launch of Trinicalm Plus, an effective tranquilizer in the niche segment, central nervous system (CNS).

The foundations for Torrent were laid when 'Trinity Laboratories' began operations under the able guidance of Shri Mehta whose efforts are worthy of emulation.

'Trinity' was renamed 'Torrent' and with this not only did the company get a new name, it also focused on establishing its own manufacturing facilities in the early 80s. Torrent augmented its efforts with the expansion of its manufacturing capacity, emphasis on marketing and creating business opportunities through focus on exports. Torrent Pharmaceuticals Limited recorded a quantum leap in the year 1994. It has also been rated India's ninth best company among capital intensive companies in terms of ROCE in a study by ETIG-BCG in 2001.

In recognition of the consistent performance Torrent Pharmaceuticals Limited has been receiving accolades from various quarters, such as the President's award for highest pharmaceuticals exports of Rs. 1570 million in 1991-92. The Company that had a humble beginning has now grown to become one of the leading players in pharmaceuticals.

It has ambitious plans for the years ahead. The emphasis is on Post-2005 opportunities with greater focus on the international market, in particular the lucrative North American market.

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